Farm & Horses


We are located at 7169 Strawberry Road in Summerfield, NC within Still Water Farms.


Our Horses

We use horses that have been donated to HorseFriends, as well as horses that are owned by individuals. The horses must meet strict requirements before they are allowed to participate in our programs. We appreciate the caring individuals who have so generously donated their horses for use in our programs.


Penny with rider
Penny is a Quarter Horse/Warmblood cross and is 15.2 hands tall. She is 12 years old and was generously donated to HorseFriends by Dr. Elizabeth Corbin. Before coming to HorseFriends,  Penny was a hunter/jumper show horse. She loves the easy-going pace of our therapy classes!

Tucker with rider
Tucker is a palomino pony who had once been a successful hunter/jumper pony but had suffered a debilitating injury.  Once Tucker was brought to HorseFriends, both his injury and mood seemed to improve.  Participants fall in love with him instantly, and he is a huge hit among the volunteers.  He no longer shows any signs of swelling or lameness.  Tucker knows he has a purpose and a job. Click the link to read Tucker’s story.



Queenie is a 29 year old Quarter Horse who is owned by our Operations Director, Mandy Crews. Despite Queenie’s age, she is one of our most energetic horses! Queenie loves to work and is always excited to participate in HorseFriends lessons. We are so thankful that Mandy has shared Queenie with our program!



Jet is a handsome 15 year old Fresian Arabian cross. Jet is full of personality, and he will always make you laugh! Jet loves to be the center of attention in the barn and enjoys interacting with all of our volunteers and riders. Before coming to HorseFriends, Jet was a dressage horse. His owner generously offered Jet to our program at the end of 2020 when he needed to step down to an easier job. We love having this guy at the farm!


The Minis: Nash and Mia



Sparky came to HorseFriends in the beginning of 2021, he is an incredibly sweet and patient boy. We can’t wait to continue to watch the positive impact that Sparky has on our riders!