Beginning Natural Horsemanship-Groundwork

Screenshot 2019-03-15 at 11.43.48 AMWhether you are new to horses or are a more experienced horse person and are interest in learning Natural Horsemanship or Groundwork, this Beginning Natural Horsemanship clinic is the way to begin or enhance your horsemanship journey!

Horses love to learn new things as well, and learning helps them stay happy and fresh in their jobs. They also love when they can communicate with their humans!

You will learn safety on the ground with your horse and how to build a language that both you and your horse will understand. You will also begin to delve into the subject of reading your horse to determine what state of mind he is in at a given time.

We will cover how horses think, tool handling, and learning the ABC’s of communication with your horse. We will also emphasize safety with your horse. This clinic is packed with great information!

This clinic will be co-taught by Joan Mahaffey and Jean Denson, both teachers are former Licensed Parelli Professionals.

The clinic is full, but we still have space for you to audit the class for just $25! All proceeds go to HorseFriends!

To attend, contact HorseFriends at (336) 420-4588