The Board of Directors of HorseFriends is a group of volunteers who love horses and serving individuals with special needs.

Many have special expertise in therapy and therapeutic riding, and who want to help people experience “joy and strength” through horses.

The Board of Directors determines policies for the organization, implementation of which are overseen by the Executive Director and carried out by staff and volunteers.

Sally Walker               Development Director

336-420-4588  development@horsefriendsnc.org

Sharon Neely             Board member, President & P. D.    Summerfield

336-420-4588 sharon@horsefriends.org

Lisa Bunch                  Board member, Secretary       Stokesdale


Jo Ann Cox                 Board member, Treasurer       Greensboro


Rita Degerman           Board member             Summerfield

Nancy Hess                 Board member             Summerfield

Mike Jacobs                Board member             Summerfield

Gail Fritz                     Board member             Oak Ridge

Will Jones                    Board member             Greensboro

Marty Shilling             Board member             Greensboro

Mike Marshall             Board member             Greensboro

Dr. Anthony Chow     Advisory Board member

Julie Hart                    Advisory Board member

Kara Jacobs                 Advisory Board member